Camille LaMontagne Camille LaMontagne


Camille LaMontagne is an artist from the Metro Detroit area. She graduated with honors from the College for Creative Studies, holding a BFA in Fine Art. Her education is accompanied by knowledge from Macomb’s Media and Communications program, as well as a mentorship by fellow artist Andrea Kowch in painting.

She was chosen and participated in the 5th cycle of Red Bull House of Art Residency in Detroit’s Eastern Market showcasing her oil paintings. In 2013 she was awarded by College for Creative Studies the title of “Emerging Artist of the Year” for the annual alumni show. Her painting "Wanderer" was selected for the series 6 labels for the Collective Arts Brewing in Canada, where consumers could purchase beer, see the art on the label and learn more about the artwork. "Wanderer" was displayed on the beer bottles for the summer of 2016. She collaborated with GM for the reveal of the 2018 GMC Terrain. Camille was selected to create a painting based on the feel and look of the new vehicle. Then at the reveal at MOCAD, the painting was displayed with other products and materials that helped to shape the vision of the Terrain.

Her passion for retouching/digital artistry coincides with her knowledge of painting. With 10 years of professional experience in e-commerce and portrait retouching, she has worked on projects for brands like Marriott, MGM, YH Goods, Rohtar, GlowCity and Vibrant Body Company. Having a background in painting and drawing has helped her to make compositing images look and feel more real.

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